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Dentists in Taiwan

Need to go to the dentist?  Click this page for a handy-dandy explanation of how things work, as well as a set of nice Chinese-English translation items to help speed you along.


Haircuts in Taiwan

The Haircut Seeker's user guide. Don't leave home without it.


Health Check Hospitals

When it's time for you to go to get that health check here's a little information which can help. Whatever city you are in, be sure that the hospital can give the appropriate kind of examination.


ReAnKos Counseling Service, A Part of the Reangel Group

Noted author and psychiatrist Dr. Jun Qin Chen, M.D. 陳俊欽 talks about the ReAnKos Counseling Service, Mental Health service in Taiwan and offering English-language Mental Health services in Taiwan.


Stores that Sell Organic Food

When you've had it with living from the 7-11, sometimes it's hard to know where to look in your neighborhood to  find a store that sells organic foods. Click to find stores closest to you.


Updated! - Taiwan National Health Insurance NHI

Teachers & other white-collar workers often face a variety of issues and questions around getting their NHI cards & using them. In this article we’ve tried to tackle some of the most common questions, along with providing various pieces of advice.


UPDATED! English-Speaking Female Gynecologists

If you are like me and prefer to see a female gynecologist then the information in this article will help.