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# Headline Nationality Gender Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Languages You Can Edit or Proofread No. Date In Favorites Details
Technical/General Writer Available
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree International Relations Japanese 488 02/28/18 Details
Experienced in Technical Writing for software and hardware documentation. Looking for full or part-time employment as a writer or editor.
Experienced Editor
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree English English 487 02/05/18 Details
I hold a degree in English, with an focus in editing. I have experience editing novels, resumes, essays, homework assignments, menus, etc.
Editing and Proofreading Available
Belize Female;女 Bachelors Degree Biology English 486 01/20/18 Details
I have done work in academic editing, as well as, in business professional reports.
Copywriter/Editor/Proofreader for hire!
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Linguistics English 482 11/13/17 Details
Hello! I am an American writer. I have extensive experience writing and editing for various companies around Taiwan. Test questions, textbooks, scripts, essays, and more. PM or email kchengwrites at gmail dot com and let's talk!
Seeking Editing Work
USA Female;女 Masters Degree Education English 485 01/02/18 Details
I am an ESL teachers working with adults and have taught over 30 years in international schools in Asia. I have some experience editing chapters for a friend's autobiography as well as some recommendation letters and a personal introductory presentation for a Chinese diplomatic candidate. Over m ...
Great Editor
Australia Male;男 Bachelors Degree Mandarin English 478 10/12/17 Details
Photo Greetings, I am an English teacher looking for editing/proofreading work. As I am working part time at the moment, I can be very flexible with my schedule. I have helped professors proofread test questions and have done cases with editing writing pieces. I have sound communication in Mandarin w ...
Editor (Chinese or English) available
Taiwan Female;女 Masters Degree Asian Studies English, Mandarin 483 11/24/17 Details
10+years of experience for academic writing, both in Chinese and English.
English Editor, Assistant or Tutor
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree English 484 12/15/17 Details
I am a English Native speaker of the US and have undergone many extensive writings in English. I have performed many proofreading and editing work for previous marketing companies. I able to perform writings and stories in fluent English and am able to keep email correspondences with foreign ma ...
General and academic writing editor (American English)
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Sociology English 481 11/04/17 Details
I am an American freelance copy editor currently based in Taipei. I have experience writing and editing personal essays, academic articles, primary and secondary level education curricula, nonprofit grant proposals, and more. I enjoy editing pieces on all sorts of topics, from the liberal arts t ...
USA Editor Available
USA Female;女 Masters Degree Mass Communications English 473 07/20/17 Details
Currently, I am a student at NCCU and am pursuing my master's in International Communication Studies. I excel at APA formatting and I not only have a lot of experience editing for researchers, but I also have completed editing projects for commercial work.
Academic Science Editor and Writer
USA Female;女 Masters Degree Psychology 471 06/21/17 Details
With my services, I can fulfill your editing needs utilizing my research experience, attention to detail, and ability to communicate and present complex ideas to diverse audiences. I am an academic editor and writer with a master’s in psychology (neuropsychology track). Although I did not ori ...
Don't just promote your product or brand, tell its story.
USA Male;男 Masters Degree Marketing English 470 06/20/17 Details
Are you looking to develop English marketing content for a global audience? Don't just promote your product or brand, tell its story. Don't just talk about product features, but how they can benefit your target customer. For the past 13 years I've been developing English content for some of Taiw ...
Passionate Editor Located in Taipei
Canada Female;女 Bachelors Degree Law English 468 06/09/17 Details
I have been editing for my friends and family for years now. From marriage vows to resumes, and cover letters. I draw on my Legal Studies Bachelor Degree and close to 11 years experience as a legal assistant in Canada. As part of my studies I was required to write and edit legal papers. In my wo ...
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree Drama English, German 466 05/23/17 Details
Hello! Thanks for reading. I have background editing and writing speeches, dramas, plays, and even a novel, as well as teaching various levels of language arts. In that time, I have accrued quite a bit of experience and feel I have a very professional acumen as well as the ability to find the r ...
Editor and Proofreader. Writing Assistance Available
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Chemical Engineering English 464 03/24/17 Details
Native English speaker available to proof read and edit a wide variety of text. I have editted technical documents, instruction manuals, menus and webpages in the past.
Editor Located in Central Taiwan
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Linguistics English 463 02/06/17 Details
Photo Are you looking for a native English-editor to examine your academic work quickly and efficiently? Whether it be proofreading, formalising, or simply diversifying your prose, I can help you to achieve the highest quality level of English writing. With 3 years experience in teaching and tutoring ...
Experienced Editor and Proofreader. Writing Assistance Available
United Kingdom, USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Drama English 461 01/18/17 Details
Photo Native English speaker, with firm grasp of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Extensive vocabulary. Can understand nuances of style and adjust accordingly. 10 years experience proofreading and copy editing for Chicago playwrights and 1 year experience editing for graduate/PhD students in Taipei ...
Proof reading and editing available
United Kingdom Female;女 Bachelors Degree Nursing English 462 01/27/17 Details
Photo Native English speaker, with red brick university degree, available to proof read and discuss any academic writing. If you require any help with ensuring your written English is correct, I can help. Will take work of any kind, including thesis drafts and articles for submission to academic journ ...
Proofreading Available
Canada, USA Female;女 Masters Degree Asian Studies English 458 01/02/17 Details
Ivy League graduate and native English speaker available to proofread and edit a variety of documents, including academic writing and application materials. Familiar with undergraduate and graduate application process for international students.
Content Editing, Language Editing, Proofreading
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Psychology English 456 11/30/16 Details
Photo I am a professional English curriculum writer with over three years of experience in textbook writing, editing, and proofreading. I also have experience in editing and proofreading scientific and editorial publications. I am available for editing a variety of materials as well as for English con ...
Professional English Editor & Writer
Canada Male;男 Bachelors Degree Medicine English 453 11/01/16 Details
Photo Do you need English copy to compete in foreign markets? My editing and writing service provides professional work to improve your sales, attract to customers and to improve relations with your current clientelle. In today's competitive world, having a writer and editor with a strong command of t ...
Ivy League BA, Research Institution PhD, Native English Speaker seeks Editing Work
USA Female;女 Ph.D. Other English 451 09/17/16 Details
Photo Graduated from Cornell University with Honors for my undergraduate study. Completed my Master's and PhD at Michigan State University where I taught writing to freshmen for two years. After completing my Doctorate degree I have taught in the university setting various humanities courses along wit ...
Professional writer-editor available for work
USA Female;女 Masters Degree Other English 447 07/22/16 Details
Hello, I'm a writer-editor with over ten years of experience. Here are a few highlights: -Worked as an Editorial Coordinator for a scientific journal -Proofread and QC'd medical and clinical trial summaries -Taught advanced English grammar and essay writing skills in Istanbul, Turkey ...
Native American Editor
USA Male;男 2-Year College Degree Education English 442 06/28/16 Details
Photo My name is Alec and I'm a professional English teacher, writer, and lover of English. I am a native English speaker from California and I have a highly accredited CELTA degree from Cambridge University. I'd be happy to edit anything from speeches to web pages to important documents to emails and ...
American female looking for employment
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Business Mandarin 446 07/10/16 Details
Photo American female looking for employment. I am a native English speaker also bilingual in Mandarin. I have over 10 years in job employment, including: hospitality, restaurant service, hotel service, child care, educator, teaching, tutoring, international trade sales and purchasing and PR. I love k ...
Academic Editor with Journalism Background
Canada Male;男 Masters Degree Linguistics English 445 07/08/16 Details
Photo I am a professional writer, editor, and teacher who is available to edit essays, theses, and academic articles. I will bring your writing up to a formal, publishable standard of English. I will additionally provide instruction to help you improve your writing skills. I am also available for priv ...
NYC Editor
USA Female;女 Bachelors Degree Linguistics 437 06/03/16 Details
Photo I've been writing for as long as I can remember, and working as an editor and writing teacher has been my job for the last 7 years. I am currently an Associate Editor in NYC. I've edited poetry anthologies, short stories, masters theses, graduate school applications, and worked one-on-one with w ...
Trustworthy Editor
United Kingdom Male;男 Bachelors Degree Music English 436 05/24/16 Details
I'm a simple and to the point proof-reader/editor. I have a degree in Popular and Contemporary music, having written my dissertation on Taiwanese contemporary music and it's political connotations. Music is my forte, but I can also help with other topics as well. I have over the past two yea ...
Experienced College News Editor
USA Male;男 Bachelors Degree Business English 434 04/23/16 Details
I am currently a undergrad student at USC. I am a frequent visitor to Taipei and can edit and proofread any english material you need me to. I am able to communicate in Mandarin Chinese, English, and Spanish. I am a news writer for a news agency in my hometown and have several experience in ...
Academic, business, literary editor (Columbia graduate)
USA Female;女 Masters Degree History English, French 427 02/01/16 Details
I hold a BA from Columbia University and an MA from the University of London. I scored 800/800 on the SAT reading section and 168/170 on the GRE verbal section. I am available to edit professional, academic, journalistic and literary writing in English and French. In the past, I have edited cove ...

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