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Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Aletheia University 真理大學 New Taipei City 新北市 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Photo On March 9, 1872, the Rev. Dr. George Leslie Mackay stepped onto the land at Tamsui. He was a missionary from the Canada Presbyterian Church (predecessor of The Presbyterian Church in Canada), and accomplished remarkable work in evangelism, education and medicine. we are one of Taiwan 's oldest educational est ablishments, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible environment for students joining in our uniquely developed education system. International Application for Admissions *International students who wish to apply for admissions should submit applications to The International Office, Aletheia University, 32 Chen-Li Street, Tamsui, Taipei, Taiwan 25103. Application is open all year round and is subject to course availability. For 2005/06 academic year, the tuition fee for a full-time student is approximately US$ 3,000 (exchange rate: US$1=NT$ 32) and US$ 750 for a 4-month Mandarin/Cultural program. Costs for room and board are approximately US$ 500 per month. International student (excluding overseas-Chinese and overseas ROC citizen) who wishes to apply for admission to a degree program should submit applications to The International Office between February 1st and May 30th, with complete application materials. *Academics Programs Graduate programs ² Master of Business Administration (MBA) ² Master of Mathematical Science ² Master of Finance and Economics ² Master of Religion Studies *Scholarship International Student Scholarship A full-time international student is eligible to apply for the Taiwan Scholarship to the Ministry of Education, as well as for Aletheia International Scholarship, which provides a monthly amount for NT$15,000, up to twelve months. Please contact International Office for more information. Center for Chinese Learning Programs Scholarships The Ministry of Education in Taiwan and Aletheia University provide partial scholarships for language students and exchange students. Please contact International Office for information.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Chang Gung University 長庚大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Guishan Shiang 龜山鄉 Details
Photo The overall development objective of Chang Gung University is to establish research centers, integrating manpower and resources to develop competitive fields in the 21st century. The school will foster leaders in different professions including medicine, engineering, and management, making Chang Gung University a research university with various world-class research centers in the coming decade. *Application Deadline Applications should be submitted to the Admissions Section, Office of Academic Affairs, between February 1 and April 30 for the fall admission, and between September 1 and October 31 for Spring admission. *Programs Offered College of Medicine College of Engineering College of Management *Scholarships 1 . Taiwan Scholarship All applications must be submitted to a designated Taiwan overseas mission, in the country of the applicants citizenship, before the end of March of each year. 2.CGU General Scholarship 3. International students with English as native languages may receive the teaching assistantship to waive tuitions. *Tuition Fees (For 2007-2008, per semester) College of Medicine: NT$47000to NT$60000 College of Engineering: NT$45000 College of Management: NT$39000 ※CGU offers admitted students of Ph.d program a tuition waiver for the first academic year. The tuition waiver may carry through second to fourth year pending on students's academic performance. *For information concerning international student admission, please contact Admission Section, Office of Academic Affairs Tel:886-3-2118800 ext.5026 Website:http://memo. cruit/admission/news.htm Emai l:
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 China University of Technology 中國科技大學 Taipei City 台北市 Wenshan District Details
*China University of Technology (CUTe in short), situated in Wen Shan district, Taipei City was founded in 1965. It is in a quiet and beautiful environment with excellent access to downtown. The school was initially named "Chinese Municipal Vocational School" had the mission to foster young talents in the municipal constructional field. With a total of 347 full-time elite academic/teaching staff in the school and numerous outstanding National Science Council projects and other great achievements the school has made over the years, it has taken a giant step forward to finally get promoted by the Ministry of Education as a university in the summer of 2005. Because of these many successes and achievements, the school, now called China University of Technology, has won nationwide praise and acclaim and has become very popular with students within a broader community all over Taiwan. *Academic ► College of Management ► College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ► College of Environmental Science and Design ► College of Humanities and Social Science *On-Campus Scholarship & Grants ►The Kao Ying Scholarship $10,000 per person Applications accepted during the first month of the second semester every school year ►The Hu Tong-Qing Memorial Scholarship $20,000 per person Applications accepted during the first month of the second semester. ►School Founder Mr. Shang Guan Yeh-you Scholarship Open for application all year round.  ►Faculty Members, Staff, and Students "Mutual Help” Fund Applications accepted all year round. ►Bursary Scholarship Applications accepted all year round. ►Service Scholarship $5,000 per person The scholarship is awarded once every semester. ►Single-Parent Student Scholarship $3,000 per person Applications accepted during the first month of the first semester. Applicants must be from single-parent family and have earned an average grade of at least 70, and have earned an A for conduct evaluation, military training, and Physical Education. ►Work Service Scholarship $3,000 per person Issued once every semester.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Chinese Culture University 中國文化大學 Taipei City 台北市 Shilin District 士林區 Details
Photo Foreign Student Admission Founded in 1962 and tentatively named Far East University by its founder, Dr. Chang Chi-yun, Chinese Culture University (CCU) was originally christened College of Chinese Culture by the late ROC President Chiang Kai-shek, henceforth mapping out the direction of its future development and educational ideals. *Application Deadline From February 1 to April 30 every year *Foreign students (including exchange students) applying for this university should take the Chinese language proficiency test, the oral test and the examination for the specialized courses, in addition to the reviewing of the related materials and thesis. Those, including both the foreign and exchange students, who obtain the highest in the total scores of following categories will be admitted. *Through the cooperative relationships, foreign students either recommended by the foreign government, schools, official institutions, or distributed by the Ministry of Education all need to pass the Chinese language proficiency test, oral test, and the tests for specialized courses. After reporting the results to the Ministry of Education, those accepted can be admitted to this university. ◆College of Liberal Arts ◆College of Foreign Languages ◆College of Science ◆College of Law ◆College of Social Sciences ◆College of Agriculture ◆College of Engineering ◆College of Business Administration ◆College of Journalism and Mass Communications ◆College of Arts ◆College of Environmental Design ◆College of Education
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health 經國管理暨健康學院 Keelung City 基隆市 Keelung City Details
Photo *Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, known as Deh-Yu College of Nursing and Management before 2002, was established in 1957. We were the first college in northern Taiwan that focused on nursing education; since then, we have become one of the oldest and best nursing colleges in Taiwan. In order to provide an environment of lifelong learning programs, the Night School division and On-the-job Professional division were established. In 2002, we were upgraded as Deh-Yu Institute and provided two-year junior college programs. After the progression, toremember the contribution of the late President Ching Kuo Chiang, and to distinguish our perspectives and primary characteristics in management and health education, we have further renamed our school as Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health. *Admission of Foreign Students & Academic Programs Foreign students who graduated from high schools are eligible to apply for four-year undergraduate program. We have eight departments to offer academic programs as follows: Dept. of Nursing, Dept. of Food Science and Technology, Dept. of Child Educare, Dept. of Applied Cosmetic Science, Dept. of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Dept. of Human Resource Development, Dept. of Information Technology, and Dept. of Sports, Health and Leisure. *Scholarship & Financial Aid The tuition for the foreign students is the same as the domestic students. The yearly tuition is about US$3,000. We offer “Scholarship for Foreign Students” to the qualified foreign students on the requirements of some financial needs or academic performances. We also provide work-study opportunities for students with financial needs. *Consultation & Assistance for Foreign Students Ching Kuo Institute sets up a full-time International Student Advising Office to provide all kinds of consultation and services for foreign students. Among the services provided are individual counselling, group counselling, psychological testing, career guidance, etc. *Career Development for Foreign Students Ching Kuo Institute offers a thorough intern program for foreign students. After graduation, the students will have enough capabilities and skills to keep up with the new trends not only in the development of science and technology but also in the marketplace.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Ching Yun University 清雲科技大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Zhongli City 中壢市 Details
Photo *Ching Yun University, previously Chien-Hsing Industrial College, was established in 1966. In 2003, the Ministry of Education approved the upgrade of this institution from college status to its current standing as a university. At present, this institution has twelve departments, including the departments of Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Finance Banking, International Business, Information Management, Finance and Banking, Marketing and Distribution, Applied Foreign Languages, and Information Engineering. In addition, it has four research centers: the Logistics Management Center, the Academics Degree Programs *Academics Degree Programs Masters Programs Applicants to these programs must hold a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in a related field from a university or independent college. Admission is granted through an entrance examination or, for graduating seniors with exceptional averages, through a special direct admission's examination. Students have from one to four years to complete 24 credits and a successful oral thesis examination in order to be awarded a master's degree. Two-year Undergraduate Programs Applicants must be graduates of a technical junior college or the equivalent and must pass the entrance examination to gain admission. They have two years to complete 72 credits, thus earning a bachelor's degree. Four-year Undergraduate Programs Applicants must be graduates of a technical senior high school or the equivalent and must pass the entrance examination to gain admission. They have four years to complete 136 credits, thus earning a bachelor's degree. *Colleges Coll ege of Commerce College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College of Engineering College of Graduate Institutes College of Management *Graduate Institutes Graduate Institute of Geoinfomatics and Disaster Reduction Technology Graduate Institute of Central Asian Studies Graduate Institute of International Business Management Graduate Institute of Management
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Chung Yuan Christian University Taipei City 台北市 Details
Hi, everyone~ This is Gibson, I'm looking for a person who is native English speaker wants to learn Chinese speaking, listening and reading within the language exchanging around once or three times a week. I am a Taiwanese male who is a sales-rep speaks English fluently, also I'm good at Chinese words or proverbs, so I can help you how to learn Chinese "quickly" with correct methods. My aim is to keep and develop my English listen-capability also deeply understand English words or phrases which are more suitable use in life, work or anythings . If you'd like to be looking for a long-turn partnership for the language exchanging (the period of time above 3 months), please don't hesitate to contact with me. Contact-info is below: [1] Places for language exchange:Nearby the Metro Taipei's stations within the area of Taipei city. [2] Time for language exchange:From 19:00 to 23:00 per day. [3] Date for language exchange:From Monday to Saturday per week. [4] MY cellphone:0920993143
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Chung Yuan Christian University 中原大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Zhongli City 中壢市 Details
Photo *Application Deadline: The applicants should prepare the following documents and submit them before 30th April (Applicants should contact the school at 03-2651230~33 in advance for later application after 30th April) each year in order to apply for the next academic year. *Tuition and Financial Aid Tuition(NT$/semester) 10,000~16,000 Housing (NT$/semester) 5,500~9,500 Books (NT$/semester) 2,500~5,000 Living expenses (NT$/month) 6,000~10,000 1.Students with excellent academic performance have been approved by the professor in the planned studying department. 2. Professor offers NT$6,000~8,000/month as the assistantship for 2 years. If the student who has already got the Taiwan Scholarship Program, he/she is not eligible to apply the above-mentioned scholarships again. The above amount of expenses are estimated for reference only. *Reasons for Choosing CYCU CYCU is a university that emphasizes not only academic research performances but also characterization of holistic personality. During the past fifty years, CYCU already has nearly seventy-eight thousand alumni. Many of our alumni members are now excellent leaders or workers in their distinct professional fields and they are ranked outstanding both in the professional and teamwork performance by general industrial companies in Taiwan. From the annual university evaluation by the Ministry of Education, we are awarded an excellent university during the past seven years. In addition, we are the only private university that received excellence in all the six evaluation aspects, including Research, Teaching, Extensive Education, Accounting and Administration and Project and Execution, in 2004.Some records are listed below: ■The only private university ranked “Top 10 EMBA in Taiwan”. ■The only private university supported by NSC in National Science & Technology Program for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. ■The only private university awarded “Best Innovation and Incubation Center ”by MOEA for continuous 4 years. ■Awarded “Good Universities in Student Counseling” by CGA. ■Research results are assessed “Excellent” by MOE for continuous 5 years. ■Selected by TSMC in the first priority of recruitment. *Programs Col lege of Science College of Engineering College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College of Business School of Law College of Design College of Humanities and Education
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Chung-Hua University 中華大學 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Details
Photo Taiwan’s famous Science Park (Taiwan’s “Silicon Valley”) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), where high-technology enterprises and research centers are situated, are also nearby. The location of CHU has allowed its departments and colleges to develop a close relationship with local high technology industries. It provides a great opportunity for students not only on practical training in their study field, but also widely selection on their future career pursuits. *Academics and Faculty CHU currently offers 5 colleges and 22 departments, which provides 22 undergraduate programs, 15 graduate programs and 10 doctoral programs. CHU‘s faculty consists of highly qualified and accredited teachers. Most lecturers are graduates of prestigious institutions of higher learning in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan and etc. *Program of Study College of Management College of Engineering College of Humanities and Social Sciences College of Computer Science and Informatics *Cost of Study Tuition costs will vary from departments and colleges. Undergraduate and Graduate students will also have different tuition costs. Currently, undergraduate students pay approximately US$1,425 to US$1,635 per semester for tuition fees. For graduate students, the tuition fees are about US$1,365 to US$1,575. Books and supplies cost are excluded, which are about US$90-150. *Scholarship Ta iwan Scholarship Chung Hua University Scholarship Taiwan Ministry of Education Scholarship *How to Apply 1. Complete the application form, enclose required documents, and mail, email or fax to: The Office of International Programs Chung Hua University No. 707 Sec. 2 Wufu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30012 Fax: 886+3+5186175 Email: 2. After receiving the application we will soon evaluate and send of the official admission letter via registered mail once the application has been approved.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Feng Chia University 逢甲大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Central District 中區 Details
Photo Degree Students-Application-Applicati on Timeline Feng Chia University 2007 -2008, Academic Year Important Dates for International Student Admissions *Fall semester (September 2007, starting date) Items Deadline Application deadline February 1~April 30, 2007 Departmental review of application May 11-24, 2007 Announcement of Admission Results June 5, 2007 Letters of acceptance issued June 18, 2007 Registration Day Mid-September, 2007 *Spring semester (February 2008, early entry for graduate studies only) Items Deadline Application deadline September 15~October 31, 2007 Departmental review of application November 8-15, 2007 Admissions decision December 1, 2007 Letters of acceptance issued December 10, 2007 Registration Mid-February 2008 *Feng Chia University Scholarships Approved by administration committee Nov. 05, 2003 The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage outstanding international students to apply to Feng Chia University (FCU). The term "international students" as used herein shall mean students of foreign nationality, not overseas Chinese or R.O.C. nationals. The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for the scholarship’s annual budget. International students in the undergraduate program shall receive this scholarship for no more than four years (five years for the Department of Architecture), those in Master's programs for no more than two years, those in doctoral programs for no more than three years. Types of Scholarships : FCU offers two types of scholarships: Type A provides NT$120,000, type B NT$60,000 per academic year. The award is transferred semiannually to recipients’ accounts in March and October, respectively. *Taiwan Scholarship International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. From January of each year, applicants can apply at the Taiwan Overseas Mission (TOM) in their country or the nearest country if there is no TOM in that country. For a list of TOMs, please refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. *Degree and Program College of Engineering College of Business College of Sciences College of Humanities and Social Sciences College of Information and Electrical Engineering College of Construction and Development
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Fo Guang University 佛光大學 Yilan County 宜蘭縣 Jiaushi Shiang Details
Photo *The University is the first in Taiwan to fully comply with Environmental Impact Assessment standards while completing the development of a mountain slope campus. Begun in 1996, the project involved major changes to the slope, but every effort was made to keep the impact on the natural environment to a minimum during the construction process. Eagles, monkeys, bamboo partridges, raccoons and other fauna can still be spotted on campus right now, especially the nationally protected blue magpie; and the stream has no lack of fish, shrimp and crab. The results of efforts at the time are already evident. Fo Guang University is the Ilan area’s first institution of higher learning, located in Linmei Village, Chiaohsi Township, Ilan County. A gradualist approach was adopted in developing the 56.6-hectare campus as part of a plan for the overall area. The Ministry of Education granted approval on July 20, 2000, and the school formally opened that September. The Schools of Humanities and Sociology were the first to be founded during the initial phase of establishment. Fo Guang will gradually be developed into a fully rounded university later on. The view from the campus differs according to the season. In spring and autumn seasonal winds leave the mountain enshrouded by a light cloudy mist, while the sky is clear in summer and one can see Turtle Island and the Pacific Ocean, or even spot the spouts of whales with the aid of binoculars. Since the campus is located at an optimal height above the Ilan plain, the view at night is even more stunning, making it the best holiday leisure spot of choice for Ilan area residents. Solar and wind power generating equipment is located next to the outdoor performance arena. Both are still being tested for how much electricity they can supply in order to assess whether they can provide a portion of the electricity for lighting the facility. These two generating sources now provide spectacular lighting at night, adding considerably to the luster of the campus.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Fu Jen Catholic University 輔仁大學 New Taipei City 新北市 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Photo Academic Year 2007-2008 *Deadline for submitting application documents and paying fees April 27, 2007 *Departments and Graduate Programs Open to International Students College of LIberal Arts College of Arts College of Science and Engineering College of Foreign Languages College of Human Ecology School of Law College of Management College of Social Sciences *Way to Apply Online Application only. Please proceed at reignstudent *Tuition Fee Graduate Program(Total, $NT) About 43,700, 50,670 or 51,100 *scholarship Curren tly Fu Jen is arranging a special scholarship for foreign students, the project would be ready in the near future. Meanwhile, foreign students coming to Fu Jen to study Chinese in the Language Center could apply for the scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education. *Financial Aid Student Loan: Starting from 1976, the University provides Student Loans credited by the Bank of Taiwan. The Student Loan will cover the standard student budget, including tuition, room and board, and average amount for books, supplies, student insurance fees and the retirement fund of the private university. No interest accures on a Direct Loan until the repayent period, which begins a year after graduation. *Location The Fu Jen main campus is located on the intersection of Hsinchuang City and Taishan Village in Taipei County, The University is conveniently situated in between the No.1 and No.2 provincial highways, while the former leads to the adjacent Taipei and Taoyuan cities, the latter leads to the Chungshang Express Highway. The school can be easily reached by public buses. In the future, the Hsinchuan Line of the Mass Rapid Transit System will make a stop at Fu Jen, thus make the transportation network more convenient.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Fu Jen University Taipei City 台北市 Details
Hello my name is Isaac Sun .Major in Philosophy in FJU. I am looking for a language partner to improve my ENG speaking ability. and i can teach you Chinese. i am good at teaching. I like poem, music, travelling and photographing. If you are looking for a partner , too. just call me or sent me an email.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Global MBA Program, College of Management, National Taiwan University國立台灣大學管理學院 Taipei City 台北市 Da An District Details
Photo *Distinguished Faculty & Cutting Edge Research The MBA faculty is comprised of a venerated group of scholars with international experience in professional management practices. Each year, members of the faculty publish papers in leading scholarly journals, receive acknowledgement of their research excellence, and act as mentors to their students. *Asiawide Reputation The College of Management at NTU, established in 1919 as the first business school in Taiwan, has long been known as the first choice of students wishing to pursue a career with top-notch global corporations in Asia. *State-of-the-Art Facilities Through long-term partnership with prestigious corporations in Taiwan, the NTU Global MBA program possesses state-of-the-art facilities endowed by the corporations to provide a real-time connection between our students and the business community. In addition, Internships at prestigious corporations such as P&G, Deutsch Bank, TSMC, and Citi Group are available to our MBA students. *Career Development NTU Global MBA, with an abundance of dedicated faculty, not merely hones your professional skills pursued by recruiters but assists you in furthering your career goals. NTU Global MBA, bringing recruiters and students together, provides recruiters and their firms with the exemplary resources and facilities in which to recruit and select from the outstanding students for internships and full-time career positions. Your career is launched here by means of perennial access to the heading-up corporations across a broad span of industries, from consumer products to high-tech marketing to investment banking. *NTU Global MBA program is seeking intellectually driven, earnest, and thought-provoking individuals from diverse educational, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. Students with a Bachelor degree and with minimum two years working experience are eligible to apply. *OVERVIEW --2-year full-time program --50 credits required(including 6 credits of MBA thesis) --2 semesters in one academic year 1st semester: September~January 2nd semester: February~June
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 GMAT study group Taipei City 台北市 Details
Are you thinking of business school? Have the GMATs got you in a panic!?! Take action and join this GMAT study group in Taipei! Get together with like-minded individuals who are serious about higher education and getting the best GMAT score possible.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 happy dance classroom Taipei City 台北市 Chung-Cheng District Details
If you want to be skinny figure or you want to less your weight, come to here. Belly dance class available for girls or boys, no matter you are totally no experience in the dance or you had dance class before time, we have 3 level class for the belly dance for your need. Belly dance is primarily a torso-driven dance, with an emphasis on articulations of the hips.[2] Unlike many Western dance forms, the focus of the dance is on relaxed, natural isolations of the torso muscles, rather than on movements of the limbs through space. Although some of these isolations appear superficially similar to the isolations used in jazz ballet, they are often driven differently and have a different feeling or emphasis, which is usually more subtle and contained Class Address: 3F, No.29-1, Chung-Hus Road, Sec.1, Taipei (Near Ximen MRT exit 5 or 6 , near Taipei Station) For more information , pls contact us at Tel: 02-23718379 (Happy Dance Classroom)
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Hsing Wu College 醒吾技術學院 New Taipei City 新北市 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Photo ※Established in 1965. Upgraded in 2000 *Mission and founding principles This college was founded in 1965. Its school motto is Loyalty, Honesty, Diligence, and Peace based on the principle of humanity and concern for students in the field of commerce. The name of the college was changed to Hsing Wu College in August, 1990. Instruction in applied science and technology and training of professional students is based on quality education in the practical arts. ※Campus Facilities *Location and Environment The campus is located in a beautiful quiet urban area of Linkou with tree-lined boulevards, large lawns, and a natural environment, The social environment suits the learning and research goals both of students and faculty.This college boasts a strong faculty and staff that care about their students. *Academics Busin ess Management Academy Hospitality & Tourism Management Academy Information Sciences Academy Humanities & Social Sciences Academy *International students, who were high-school graduates or had the same Guarantee in Taiwan, can apply for Hsing Wu college. The entrance qualification of international students is the same as that of native students.International students, who are eligible to apply for admission , should submit their application with the documents listed below to the Office of Academic Affairs between Feb 1 to June 30.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Hsuan Chuang University 玄奘大學 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Details
Photo *Applying for Admission 1. Applicants must be graduates or under-graduates of accredited universities or colleges or senior high school graduates. 2. Applicants must have a reasonable command of the Chinese language and a good record of conduct. Qualified candidates who are deficient in the Chinese language are required after their arrival to participate in a language training course at their own expense. Applicants are required to submit (before June 30 each year) two copies of application form, one photo copy of their diploma, transcript of academic records, three letters of recommendation including one by a teacher of Chinese language, plans of study written in Chinese, biography written in Chinese, certificate of finances, record of medical examination (including Anti HIV screen) issued by a practicing physician, stating the general condition of health of the applicant and two recent bust photographs, to Hsuan Chuang University for consideration. *Departments College of Information & Communication College of Management College of Arts and Sciences College of Law College of Social Sciences *Cost of Study 1. For undergraduates: Tuition and fees per semester are approx. NT$44,825 to NT$50,200. 2. For graduates: Mandatory fees are about NT$37,165, and the tuition is about NT$5,250 per semester unit. 3. Books and Supplies: approx. NT$5,000 to NT$10,000 per semester. *Housing and Living Costs 1. Dormitory: The dormitory has 1,304 beds for students, and in each room contained of 5 beds, air-conditioner and Internet, which measures about 400 squares feet. 2. Housing Cost: About NT$ 12,000 per semester. 3. Living expense: Approx. NT$ 8,000 per month
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Huafan University 華梵大學 New Taipei City 新北市 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Photo *Dates for Application Applicants should submit his or her application to the Admission Section of the Office of Academic Affairs during the period of February 1 through May 31 each year. *Length of Study According to HFU regulations on academic programs, four years for undergraduate students, 1-4 years for Master program students, and 2-7 years for doctoral program students. *Departments and Graduate Institutes College of Liberal Arts College of Engineering College of Arts and Design *Reference about Tuition and other fees NT Dollars per semester Tuition 36,600~38,29 0 Total 46,335~53,845 1. Credit Fee: College of Liberal Arts & Department of Fine Arts: 1,300 College of Engineering & College of Arts and Design (except Department of Fine Arts ):1,400 2. Dormitory Fee: room for 8:4,500 or 6,200 /per person room for 4:7,300 or 7,500 /per person room for 2:3,400~10,000 /per person *Taiwan Scholarship International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. Please check: http://www.studyintaiw for detailed information. Applicants may apply from February 1 till March 31 every year, at Taiwan's overseas representative office in their countries or the nearest country in case there is no Taiwan's overseas representative office in the country. For information of Taiwan's overseas representative office, please check: website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Hwa Hsia College of Technology and Commerce 華夏工商專科學校 New Taipei City 新北市 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
*Hwa Hsia ProfileMission Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology, founded in 1966 by Dr. Frank T. Y. Chao, aims to create an educational environment which enables students to develop professional skills for future careers and acquire in-depth knowledge for further studies as well. In order to reach the goal, the Institute has been devoted to recruiting excellent faculty, improving learning environment, and strengthening teaching and research facilities so that students can achieve professional competence in their chosen fields and adapt readily to the fast technological development and ever-changing environment. In short, the education at Hwa Hsia is student-centered. Every effort is made to provide a stable, safe, and supportive environment, which provides a distinctive educational experience for students. *Campus Location The Institute, located in Chung Ho City, one of the suburbs of Taipei Metropolitan Area, is a mere 15-minute driving distance from Kung Kuan, the southwestern part of Taipei City, where National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University of Technology and Science are situated. It has excellent communications with the surrounding areas not only because the Northern Second Superhighway and the terminal station of the Taipei Rapid Transit System are nearby, but also because high frequency of bus traffic makes for very convenient outbound transportation. *Academic Departments The Institute enrolls approximately 6500 students and has 9 academic departments: Electronic Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Biochemical Engineering Department, Architecture Department, Construction Management Department, Management Information Systems Department, Digital Multimedia Design Department, and Business Administration Department. In addition to professional courses offered by each department, General Education Center provides information about basic general education requirements and offers courses that meet particular designations. *A Brilliant Future It has been more than 40 years since the Institute was founded. Its alumni are increasingly in demand with employers. Most of them enjoy successful careers while some of them enter graduate schools either at home or abroad. In recent years, the Institute has made remarkable progress in recruiting better faculty, expanding teaching and research facilities, and improving learning environment. All these advantages have combined to give a thriving picture and thus lay the foundation of a brilliant future.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 International Health Program, National Yang-Ming University 國立陽明大學 Taipei City 台北市 Bei Tou District Details
Photo ●IHP At a Glance The International Health Program at National Yang-Ming University became operational in 2002. This program seeks to train students with interests in international health issues and equip them with capabilities in dealing with complex challenges in public health affecting all societies. The program aims to recruit equal numbers of domestic and international students with the expectation of active learning and experience sharing among students from different backgrounds. Mandarin Chinese is the language used in the majority of classes at Yang Ming, but all the classes in the International Health Program are in English. Entry level Mandarin conversation classes are offered for international students. The International Health Program is a collaborative program of six graduate institutes at Yang Ming: Institute of Public Health, Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, Institute of Clinical and Community Health Nursing, Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Institute of Tropical Medicine. Faculty members from other Institutes at Yang Ming also provide classes and tutoring. ●Objectives (1) Providing education and training for students to cultivate the capacity to approach public health problems, and to design and carry out public health programs. (2) Providing the platform for mutual learning and collaboration among international and local students. (3) Drawing main public health disciplines to understand and address global health concerns through research, education, and international collaboration. (4) Seeking to provide advanced master and doctoral trainings of research scientists and public health professionals from our nation and other countries. ●Master’s Program The Master program is a two-year program which offers a Master of Science degree. Students are required to successfully accomplish at least 24 credits of formal lecture courses, and conduct a research-oriented thesis work. * Qualification Completion of a bachelor's degree in public health, medicine, and/or other health sciences or related fields at public or registered private universities and independent colleges; the diploma from these colleges and universities must be approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. ●Ph.D. Program The Doctoral program is aimed to provide education and training for those with a need and strong interest in independent research. The average length for accomplishing a PhD program at Yang Ming is about five years. The candidate is required to accomplish formal course works, a qualification examination, and independent research which leads to results publishable on international scientific journals. * Qualification Completion of a doctorate in medicine or dentistry or its equivalent; or a master's degree in public health, medicine, or other health sciences or related fields at public or registered private universities and independent colleges; the diploma must be approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Kainan University 開南大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Luzhu Township Details
Photo *Kainan is proud to be the first university in Taiwan to offer international students an opportunity to study at its summer school. We have selected subjects that we believe will be beneficial to students and in order to make this a positive and academically meaningful experience we are restricting enrolment to a maximum of fifteen in the language courses and thirty in the other courses. We are also proud to offer students excellent on-campus accommodation and restaurant facilities. Our dormitories and classrooms are fully and comfortably air-conditioned. University athletic and sports facilities are available throughout the summer. The state-of-the-art library building was completed last year and summer school students may avail themselves of its electronic search facilities. Education is more than just studying. I hope that you will be able to socialize with our local students and join with them in the many social events that will take place during the summer. I look forward to seeing you on campus this coming summer. *Program & Course --Intensive Conversational Mandarin Chinese for Beginners --Intensive Conversational Japanese for Beginners --Ethnography of East Asia --Asian Business Organization: the Chinese family business, the Japanese kieretsu and the Korean choebal—a comparison *When July 9 – August 17 *Costs ‧Tuition is free to students from Kainan’s partner universities. For all others, tuition is US$250 per credit hour. ‧Housing in our air-conditioned dormitories for the entire six weeks costs US$500 per person for a two-person room and US$1,000 for a single. ‧All students must pay their own transportation costs and other expenses, such as books, meals, and insurance. *Registration deadline Friday, May 25 Application form ... To register or request more information, please contact Kainan’s Office of International Programs and Services
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Kainan University 開南大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Luzhu Shiang 蘆竹鄉 Details
Photo *International Honors Program True to its aim for an international environment, Kainan University is currently offering a four-year university scholarship to 100 international students, plus a guaranteed job to the top 40 students. Kainan University specifically targets students who: have a demonstrable command of English;are independent, enthusiastic, and committed to the pursuit of higher education. Our scholarships cover tuition, room, registration, and similar fees. *Academic Programs At Kainan, we empower students with the educational and cultural tools to become leaders in a global society. Under the International Honors Program, you can choose and click any of the following four schools to find their curriculums. School of Commerce School of Humanities and Social Sciences School of Informatics School of Transportation & Tourism *Application Deadlines 2007 Fall (first semester) : May 31, 2007 *Living in Taiwan Spending four years as a student in Taiwan will be an educational, enlightening, and memorable experience. Taiwan is also known as “Formosa” because of the island's beauty. Scenic mountains cover much of the island. The nation's people are friendly and generous to foreigners.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Kaoshiung School of anguage Arts Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Taipei City 台北市 Details
We are still in need of students willing to move to Kaoshiung and study at our school. We provide 30,000nt scholorship w/housing included. We hope to fill these seats before school begins. Please hurry if you want to be considered.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Lufthansa Technical Training Taiwan Hsinchu County 新竹縣 Hsinchu County 新竹縣 Details
Photo Lufthansa Technical Training has established a unique training program in Taiwan. Our training is approved under local CAA, European JAA (now European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA) regulations and recognized by the US FAA, offering students a wide range of job opportunities after they graduate from our school. We have built all the training facilities needed to provide an international training environment of the highest standard, including a variety of training aircraft. Several training shops, mock-ups and simulations allow “learning by doing”. Fifty percent of the training is hands-on to allow the students to develop the practical skills necessary for high standard maintenance work. The classroom training is supported by various training aids, models, simulations and computer based training units which were developed by Lufthansa Technical Training and are now used by many other airlines as well. Instructors for aircraft related subjects are all licensed. Teachers for general subjects have an excellent educational back-ground to ensure the best teaching quality. Our school is located on the campus of the China University of Science and Technology, Hengshan Campus, Hsinchu County. The university is our partner and we share facilities with them. Together we operate the China Aviation School. The training aircraft include the following: 1 x B727 1 x C119 and 3 x British Norman Pilatus (BN2’s) -propeller aircraft with reciprocating engines 1 x Piper and 1 x Cessna 1 x Ultra Light Aircraft 1 x F104 1 x F5-E fighter aircraft If you are interested in a life-altering course of study then look back at the skies that brought you here. Take that same vision and apply it to your future. Lufthansa Technical Training will provide you with the professional training that will give you skills valued worldwide.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Lunghwa University of Science and Technology 龍華科技大學 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Guishan Shiang 龜山鄉 Details
Photo *Applicants are required to submit their application form between April 1 and May 1 of each year *Program Taught in English For Undergraduate: 1. Nano-technology and Photocatalysis 2.Practice in English Listening & Speaking (Ⅰ) 3.Practice in English Listening & Speaking (Ⅲ) 4.Introduction to Moving Image:This class introduces students to the language and syntax of moving image. It’ll help students to be able to produce their own creative works with solid content in the future. It’ll also helps students to build up their sense of style for film making. *For Graduate: 1.To provide an environment that enables the students using English as the communication language to present and share the ideas or concepts he or she considered.An attempt to promote the students capability in English so that they can pursue their knowledge in technologies worldwide.An attempt to provide a platform discussing the knowledge and trends in the development of the modern latest up-to-date technologies available. *Tuition & Miscellaneous Fees Undergraduate US $ 1280 ~ US $ 1470 Graduate US $ 1280 ~ US $ 1470 *Scholarships Scholarship Offered: Non-Specified Continuing foreign students, who have maintained a 75% average, have not failed any courses, and who have not been on probation during the previous years, and new foreign students, may apply. *Facing the North-South Highway, this university has the great advantage of being conveniently located between Kwei-Shan, Taoyuan and Shin-Chuan, Taipei. Built on a scenic hill, the campus has an incomparable, beautiful view. Under the sagacious leadership of the government, with the support of the elites in industry as well as the undivided hard work of the staff, this university has made enormous progress .
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College 馬偕護理專科學校 Taipei City 台北市 Beitou District Details
Photo *Our school originated from a nurse training class for Mackay Memorial Hospital in 1913 during the Japanese occupation . After the Second World War, in 1948, it was reopened and renamed as “Mackay Memorial Hospital Nurse Training Class”. With the development of medical technology and the need to regulate the nursing education, the school registered with the government authority as “Mackay Vocational Nursing School” in 1970. Then in 1999, it was upgraded to be “Mackay Nursing College”. In 2004, our school was transformed into “Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College” offering more training other than nursing to young people. In the past 30 odd years, our school has produced more than 7,000 graduates who have contributed greatly to the communities they are in, both locally and abroad. As their alma mater, our school has enjoyed good reputation over the years. *Academics Departme nt of Nursing Department of Early Childhood Care and Education Department of Food Science Department of Management of Food and Beverage Department of Applied Foreign Language
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Ming Chuan University 銘傳大學 Taipei City 台北市 Shilin District 士林區 Details
Photo *Application Period From March 1st to May 31st of every year. The application must be sent or delivered to the following address by May 31st. *Degree Programs Applied Languages Tourism Informatio n Technology Design Management Social Science Communication Law S ocial Science *Graduate Cost estimate($NT per year) Tuition 91,948 ~107,908 Total about 262,372 *Scholarship Awards: a. The scholarship funds for foreign students each academic semester equals to half of the total budget amount of「Scholarships for Foreign Students」from the MOE per academic year. b. The amount obtained by every student equals the total scholarship budget for foreign students per academic semester divided by the number of scholarships awarded. c. The University will make up the difference to round up each award to the nearest hundred dollars. 3. Duration of the scholarship: a. 2nd Semester scholarships are dispersed January to June, and 1st semester scholarships from July to December. b. Awardees will cease to receive scholarships upon graduation from, suspension from, or dropping out of school. Should such situation occur, the IEE Division would select other candidates to fill in the vacancies according to the applicants’ academic grades. 4. Application qualifications: Full-time foreign students who have finished their first semester, with conduct grades over 84 and no demerits. Undergraduate: taking more than nine credits each semester, with average academic grades over 70 for the recent semester. Graduate: taking more than four credits each semester, with average academic grades over 80 for the recent semester. Anyone who already has a「Special Scholarship 」from the MOE can’t apply for this scholarship. 5. Application deadline: Deadline for 1st Semester is 31 March, and 2nd semester is 31 October. 6. Applicants must submit the following documents: a. Application form (download from the website) b. An original copy of the previous semester’s transcript. 7. Each scholarship recipient’s information will be reported to the MOE in June and December of each year.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Minghsin University of Science & Technology 明新科技大學 Hsinchu County 新竹縣 Xinfeng Shiang 新豐鄉 Details
Photo *In the year 1965, senior Kuo Ming Tong member Wong zhong-shan, National Assembly deputy Lee hong-chao, Lao li-xu gathered together. They decided to devote what they had at hand respectively and made it into a name brand school to prepare appropriate manpower during industrialization of ROC in the 70s. iversity has the great advantage of being conveniently located between Kwei-Shan, Taoyuan and Shin-Chuan, Taipei. Built on a scenic hill, the campus has an incomparable, beautiful view. Under the sagacious leadership of the government, with the support of the elites in industry as well as the undivided hard work of the staff, this university has made enormous progress . *Application Deadline 3/1-4/30 *Academi c Programs College of Engineering College of Management College of Service Industries Division of General Education *MUST campus is situated in northern part of Taiwan, Hsinchu County, covering a complex of thirty-three acres overlooking Hsinchu City. The excellent facilities create an ideal learning and recreational environment. Being close to Hsinchu Industrial Area and the renowned Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park, MUST has built up strong relationship with various industrial partners. *International Graduate Degree International Graduate Degree and Exchange Student Programs in the College of Engineering, Management and Services Industry MUST realize that internationalization has become more and more important for engineering schools, we have been globally active. We have been recognized as one of the best vocational training schools in Taiwan. The college of Engineering is now encouraging more foreign professors to teach and more foreign students to enroll in our graduate program. *Our policies are established according to the Ministry of Education's fifth regulation for foreign students studying in Taiwan. Those who are neither overseas Chinese students nor R.O.C. citizens are regarded as international students. Overseas Chinese students who do not have R.O.C. citizenship may choose to study in Taiwan according to regulations of overseas Chinese students. These students may choose to be distributed to MUST by the Ministry of Education or apply for an entrance of MUST according to the following rules.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 Nanya Institute of Technology 南亞技術學院 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Jhongli City Details
Photo In accordance with originally established concept of the school and according to educational objectives of institutes of technology, we have planned and executed our mid-and long-range projects. The following are our main objectives to develop for the future. *Devoting financial and material resources to proceed with construction:   Our Institute has actively made good use of financial resources and the school's property available and proceeded with construction to make better facilities for teaching, student activities, and living conditions. *Broadly using multimedia-assisted teaching techniques:   Our institute has actively encouraged the faculty to use multimedia facilities, such as computer laboratories, language laboratories, and audiovisual classrooms, to assist them to teach in order that teaching becomes more lively and multifarious. *Expending facilities of sporting and recreation:   In order that students can train themselves physically and cultivate team spirit in competition to realize the objectives of education, our Institute has made good use of school's property available to appropriately distribute spaces to build a stadium and new-styled facilities for sporting and recreation. *Broadening the range of technical and vocational education to promote its standards:   We are applying to establish an affiliated community college to increase ways to receive further training for citizens and to strengthen our life-long learning programs. *Academics Depar tment of Textile Science Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Department of Electronic Engineering Department of Information Management Department of Business Administration Department of finance Department of Applied Foreign Languages Department of Early Childhood Education Department of leisure management Department of Architecture
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Chengchi University 國立政治大學 Taipei City 台北市 Wenshan District 文山區 Details
If you are a high achiever, then National Chengchi University (NCCU) is the school for you. We are noted as having the best degree programs in humanities, social sciences, and business in Taiwan. The Center of International Education and Exchange (IEE) is your gateway to NCCU. Come to NCCU, Taiwan if you are looking for: An excellent education in Asia A learning environment endowed with excellent professors and facilities Over 100 courses taught in English Not only is NCCU one of the best Universities in Taiwan, it is also ranked number one in excellence for its friendly English learning Environment. *The application period of the academic year 2007 is: Early Admission: 2006/12/01 to 2006/12/29 Regular Admission: 2007/03/01 to 2007/4/30. **English Taught Programs : *International Undergraduate Programs (IUP) Graduate Programs The International Undergraduate Program is a premier program at the undergraduate level to encourage English speaking foreign students to pursue their bachelor degree at NCCU. The program is designed not only to import domain knowledge but also to facilitate students' Mandarin ability by providing English taught courses in freshman, sophomore years and Chinese taught courses in junior, senior years. The College of Communication Journalism Advertising Radio & Television The College of Social Sciences: Economics The College of Commerce: Accounting Business Administration *Graduate Programs The College of Commerce: International Master's Program of Business Administration (IMBA) The College of Social Sciences: International Master's Program in Taiwan Studies (IMTS) International Master's Program in China Studies (IMCS) The College of Communication: International Master's Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS) *Scholarships NCCU International PhD Research Scholarship As one of the leading academic institutions in Asia, National Chengchi University (NCCU) promotes international research collaboration and welcomes oversea research elites who hold PhD studentship to carry on their research in Taiwan with one of our prestigious faculty members. The International PhD Research Scholarship is designed to cover the Scholarship recipient’s 180-day expenses in Taiwan and is a great opportunity for the recipient to explore Asian research resources, connections, friendships, cultures, touring, and employment opportunities. Taiwan Scholarship In cooperation with the international academic collaboration policy of the Ministry of Education, NCCU establishes regulations in accordance with the "Ministry of Education Guidelines for the Award of Scholarships to Foreign Students" to encourage outstanding foreign students enrolled at the University to apply for the scholarship.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Chiao Tung University 國立交通大學 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Details
Photo The Chiao Tung Universities (four in China and one in Taiwan) were initially established in Shanghai in 1896 under the name of Nanyang College. The founding father, Hsuan-Wai Sheng established the purpose of the college as a place to train scientists, engineers, and industrial leaders. National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) in Hsinchu has grown from a small electronics research institution to a comprehensive university with undergraduate and graduate programs in eight academic areas. *Leading Research NCTU is one of the top universities in Taiwan and leads industry collaboration and research funding. Every year, NCTU publishes astonishing papers, no matter in quantity or quality and we also rank No. 21 for the amount of ESI journals published in the last ten years. To match this growing international research status, NCTU is adding to its high-quality infrastructure. This can also provide students of NCTU a gateway to leading research, information resources and industries. *Strategic Location and Distinguish Alumni Located near national laboratories and the Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park, NCTU provides students opportunities to collaborate with top technology companies and participate in leading technology experiments. Also, 63.5 % of CEO, general managers in Hsinchu Science Park is NCTU alumni. *Great Scholarships Welcome students from all around the world to come and study at NCTU. Besides various international programs and degree courses, NCTU offers scholarship up to NTD30,000 (about USD900) a month plus tuition waivers. NCTU Scholarships Gold-NTD 20,000/month Silver-NTD 10,000/month Bronze-NTD 6,000/month Taiwan Scholarships (offered by the Ministry of Education) Undergraduate-NTD 25,000/month Postgraduate-NTD 30,000/month *Mainly given in Mandarin Chinese; it is highly suggested for applicants of undergraduate programs to be proficient in the Chinese language, particularly in speaking and listening. *Application for admission must be submitted and must include the following materials: For spring semester-during the period September 1 through October 31 each year; For fall semester-during the period of March 1 through April 30 each year. *Colleges College of Electrical and Computer Engineering http://www.eecs.n +886-3-5714864 College of Computer Science http://www.ccs.nctu.e +886-3-573 1228 College of Engineering oe/en/index.html +886-3-57256 34 College of Science http://science.nctu.e +886-3-57 27077 College of Biological Science and Technology http://life.nctu.e web/index.php +886-3-5729287 College of Management +886-3-5731683 Co llege of Humanities and Social Sciences http://www.chss.nctu +886-3-5731963 Coll ege of Hakka Studies .tw/Hakka-A-webpage/hakka_B_00 1_e.htm +886 3 571-2121 ext. 58033 Chinese Language Center (華語中心) rin/aboutus.html +886 3 513-1231 International Service Center (國際服務中心) http://isc.adm.nctu. e-mail: +886-3-5712121 ext. 50655
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National College of Physical Education and Sports 國立體育學院 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Guishan Shiang 龜山鄉 Details
Photo *Application Period:From February 1 through May 20. *Aacdemics Graduate Institute of Physical Education Graduate Institute of Sports Sciences Graduate Institute of Athletic Training and Health Graduate Institute of Coaching Sciences Graduate Institute of Sports Training Sciences *The National College of Physical Education and Sports (NCPES) was established on July 1, 1987. With the management and dedication of the founder, Professor Min-Chung Tsai, and the preceding presidents, Prof. Jin-Song Chou and Jin-Chin Yeh, the College has made significant and great progress during the past decades. After his assuming the presidency on July 1, 2002, Prof. Hong-Shih Chou has led the institute to a further new, innovative, culture-based, and globalization-oriented development. *Multipurpose Gymnasium The Multipurpose Gymnasium, which is the first "Huge Egg" in Taiwan, houses the facilities for sixteen sports and has a seating capacity of 15,000 people. Severalinternational conferences and large national indoor sports competitions have been held inside the gymnasium.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Ilan University 國立宜蘭大學 Yilan County 宜蘭縣 Yilan City 宜蘭市 Details
Photo *Application Deadline April 30, 2007 *Academic Programs Department of Civil Engineering Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Department of Food Science Graduate Institute of Biotechnology Graduate Institute of Management *Brief Introduction to the Taiwan Scholarship Program Types of Scholarships and Benefits (1) Undergraduate Scholarships: These scholarships are for qualified foreign students who want to pursue undergraduate studies at universities/colleges in Taiwan. A stipend of NT$25,000 per month per student will be provided. (2) Master’s Scholarships: Scholarships in the amount of NT$30,000 per month will be provided for qualified foreign students who want to pursue their master’s degrees at universities/colleges in Taiwan. (3) Ph.D. Scholarships: Scholarships in the amount of NT$30,000 per month will be provided for qualified foreign students who want to pursue their Ph.D. degrees at universities/colleges in Taiwan. U_MGT/BICER/EDUANDY001/english /TS_intro.htm?open *Fees per semester About 25,000 *National IlanUniversity, which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2006, is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in Taiwan. Founded on May 12, 1926, TaiwanProvincialIlanSchool of Agriculture and Forestry was a five-year school providing two areas of study: agronomy and forestry. Since its inception, the school has undergone a number of changes due to changes in social and political environments. More recently, after years of preparation and repeated calls by school administration, the local government and its people, the school has evolved from a five-year junior college (National Ilan Institute of Agriculture and Technology) to a polytechnic college (National Ilan Institute of Technology), and now a comprehensive university (since 2003) offering BA, BS, MA and MS degrees in four schools. Dr. George J. Jiang has been NIU's 19th president since 2006.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei College of Business國立臺北商業技術學院 Taipei City 台北市 Zhongzheng District Details
Photo *The School was originally founded in 1917 under the Japanese occupation, and was named “Taiwan Commercial School of the Governor's Office.” Later in 1921, the school’s jurisdiction was transferred to Taipei County and was renamed as “Taipei County Commercial School.” In 1922, “Taipei County Commercial School” was renamed and a night program was established. It was soon expanded into “Taipei County Second Commercial School.” After the retrocession of Taiwan from Japan to China in 1945, the two schools were renamed as “Taiwan Provincial Taipei First Commercial School” (day program) and “Taiwan Provincial Taipei Second Commercial School” (night program). December 24 was set as the school anniversary. The number of the alumni has reached hundreds of thousands. Most of them work in business and industrial sectors, and are much welcomed by private and public sectors. They have contributed a lot to the economic and social prosperity of our country. *Departments Accounting Information Finance Public Finance and Tax Administration International Business Business Administration Information Management Applied Foreign Languages *Graduate School The Business Graduate School has been approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit students in the academic year of 2004. *College Two-year Day Program Four-year Day Program Extension Program *Junior College Five-year Program Two-year Day Program Extension Program *Subsidiary School Open College College Extension Junior College Extension Business Vocational School
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei College of Nursing 國立台北護理學院 Taipei City 台北市 Peitou District Details
Photo *Since the foundation of the National Taipei College of Nursing more than half a century ago, we have educated a number of outstanding nursing professionals to provide health care to the people of Taiwan. From 1954 to 1981 we were known as the Taiwan Provincial Junior College of Nursing. In 1981, we merged with the Provincial Taipei Vocational School of Medicine, (founded in 1947), and became the National Taipei College of Nursing. Our status was upgraded to full-fledged college status in 1994, and we expanded by opening new departments, such as the Health Care Management Department and the Infant & Child Care Department. In 1999, we established our postgraduate programs with the Nursing Department and the Health Care Management Department. Later postgraduate program expansions resulted in the opening of the following departments: Long-Term Care, Nurse-Midwifery, Health Allied Education and Speech & Hearing Disorders & Sciences. We pioneered the nursing care technical education system in Taiwan and this achievement became a chapter of Taiwan’s nursing care technical education development history. *School of Nursing Department of Nursing Graduate Institute of Nurse-Midwifery Graduate Institute of Long-Term Care Graduate Institute of The Intergration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing Graduate Institute of Health Allied Education *International Nursing Master of Science Program (ICDF Scholarship Program) This two-year scholarship program designed for international students is funded by the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF). *International Master Nursing program (for general International Students) Application Information All international applicants for full-time undergraduate degree programs at MCU must apply to university and all applicants’ documents will be reviewed by the International Students Admissions Committee (ISAC).
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei University of Education 國立台北教育大學 Taipei City 台北市 Da an District Details
Photo *With these goals in mind, the university is committed to develop into a university highly regarded for its excellence in academic research, programs, faculty and students. The university also holds the belief that good teachers contribute to a strong nation by setting up positive examples. Through the concerted effort of the faculty and students, we have achieved considerable results in teacher education, and we will keep striving for academic excellence. *Academic Excellence A century has elapsed since the university's inception, making it the oldest academic institution in Taiwan, and has made even greater progress in terms of administration, teaching, and facilities. Various systems are in place to maintain academic standards and administrative efficiency. Research projects by the faculty often receive awards from the Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Science Council (NSC). Our continuing education programs are widely acclaimed. Moreover, we are building up steadily the holdings of the university library and upgrading teaching and research equipments and facilities. Many of our alumni have become prominent figures in a variety of fields including education, humanities, arts, law and politics, both notionally and worldwide. More importantly, carrying on the school's spirit and tradition to bring knowledge and moral principles to children, generations of graduates work in elementary schools and kindergartens in cities and villages up and down the country, and have made a great contribution to elementary education in Taiwan. *Academics Educati on Humanities and arts Science
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei University of Technology 國立台北科技大學 Taipei City 台北市 Da-an District 大安區 Details
Photo *International Student Admission National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) was founded in 1911. With long-standing history and experience in education, it devotes to cultivation of technical professionals. Alumni of the NTUT have contributed greatly to the economic development of Taiwan and won wide praise from businesses of all industries. NTUT ranks among the top over 150 colleges and universities, and has been voted as the second most preferred college by senior managers of leading companies in Taiwan in 1994 and 1996. *Applicants are required to submit application forms to NTUT before April 30 of each year *Course Information College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science College of Engineering College of Management College of Design College of Humanities and Sciences International Graduate Program *Scholarships Ther e are various scholarships for international students wishing to undertake a degree at NTUT. Each year both the Taiwanese Government and NTUT offer tuition fee scholarships to international students from all countries. Taiwan Scholarships - NTUT Scholarships -There awards are for students undertaking a higher degree at NTUT.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo International Student Admissions 2007 ~ 2008 Academic Year A Prestigious University with Glorious History National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) was found in 1912, the year when the Republic of China came into existence, as a pioneering academic institute dedicated to industrial education. Since 1912, over 80,000 students have graduated from the University. NTUT ranks at the top amongst over 150 colleges and universities in Taiwan. It’s voted as the most preferred college/university by graduating students in 1994 and 1996. Thus far, the university has 6 colleges, 16 undergraduate programs, 21 graduate institutes for master programs and 9 for Ph. D. programs. In the future, the vision of NTUT is to become a Flagship University. *Deadline for submitting application documents: April 30, 2007 (No Application Fee!) *Departments and Graduate Programs Open to International Students -College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering -College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science -College of Engineering -College of Management -College of Design -College of Humanities and Sciences *English Taught Graduate Programs: 1)International Graduate Program of Computer Science and Information Engineering 2)International Graduate Program of Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering The following financial aid is offered for students of this program. 1.Tuition is waived for the first year. 2.Fellowship of $10,000 NT (approximately $320 USD) per month is granted for the first year. 3.After the first year, fellowship, research assistantship and teaching assistantship will be granted based on the academic record and research achievement. *Way to Apply: Applying in person or by mail before 2007 April 30 *Tuition Fee: The following tuition fees (in NT$) apply to the first semester the 2006 academic year; tuition is subject to change annually: 《Undergraduate programs》 Engineering & Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: NT$26,240 Liberal Arts & Management: NT$22,770 《Graduate Institute programs》 Engineering & Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: NT$12,110 +tuition per credit Liberal Arts & Management: NT$10,290 +tuition per credit (Full-time graduate students need to pay credit fees in addition to tuition fees.) *Financial Aid and Scholarship: NTUT provides scholarships, foundation courses, Chinese courses and student support to international students. *Transportation: Buses and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) are convenient public transportation in Taipei city. The campus is a 5-minute bus ride or a 15-minute walk form the Taipei Main Station – Center of the Taipei City. *Contact Us NTUT Office of Academic Affairs, International Student Office (Administrative Building 2nd Floor) Website:http://www.ntu ex.htm Tel:02-27712171 ext. 1183 Fax:02-2751-3892 Address: 1, Sec. 3, Chung-Hsiao E. Rd. Taipei 10608, Taiwan, R.O.C Transportation: MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station, Exit 4 2007 Autumn Classes begin since September.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei University of the Arts 國立台北藝術大學 Taipei City 台北市 Beitou District 北投區 Details
Photo The Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) was established in 1982 to encourage and develop the state of the arts in Taiwan. Since its founding, TNUA has been committed to nurturing its students into confident, skillful, and talented artists. *Programs of Study College of Music College of Fine ts College of Dance College of Culture Resources *Financial Aid Scholarships are available. International students may apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. *Cost of Study Currently undergraduate students pay NT$27,000 to NT$37,000 per semester for tuition and fees. For graduate students, mandatory fees are NT$13,000 to NT$24,000 per semester; and tuition is NT$1,470 per semester. Books and supplies cost about NT$5,000 to NT$10,000 per semester. *Housing and living Costs To top On-campus dormitory-style housing is available for international students. Graduate students may apply for rooms that accommodate two to four people at a cost of NT$8,000 to NT$13,000 per semester per student, while undergraduate students may apply for rooms that accommodate eight people at a cost of NT$8,000 per semester per student. Living expenses range from NT$9,000 to NT$15,000 per month. *Location TNUA is located in Kuandu, a suburb of Taipei, and overlooks the Tamshui Port and the Kuandu Plains. The campus occupies 40 hectares atop the northern hills of Taipei; its buildings boast a unique architectural style that blends both traditional and modern elements, and its facilities are outfitted with a wide range of equipment. *Applying The application period to TNUA is from December 1 to February 28. Approved candidates begin study the following fall; there is no spring semester entry. Students may apply to one department only. If an applicant misses the above deadline, the application will be carried over and reviewed the following year, thus delaying entry by one year. The application fee is NT$2,000.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taipei University 國立台北大學 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo *History of National Taipei University After ten years of more detailed and thorough planning, National Taipei University was officially established on February 1, 2000 with the full expectation and blessings of all involved. This newly-established university serves as one of the milestones in the history of higher education in our country. National Taipei University has become a comprehensive university as it enters the 21st century. In retrospect, the University has undergone different stages of development: from Taiwan Provincial College of Business & Laws, it merged with and became the local Junior College of Administration and the specifically-established Administrative Junior College; it later became Provincial Chung Hsing University (and Supplementary College) and then Natinal Chung Hsing University (and Supplementary College). The University has kept a full record of this history and development in higher education. Numerous alumni, who have taken positions and rendered their contributions, at all levels in our country, are ample proofs of the correct direction required at the different stages of the University's development. *The Future: A Deeper Sense of Ingenuity We have inherited the fruitful resources and in-depth foundation for futher development from the former National Chung Hsing College of Business and Law. We have broken free of the restrictions of the small area of the Taipei Campus. The University currently has a broad campus of 54.54 hectares with modern buildings and facilities. The future potential of the neighboring towns such as San Shia and Ying Ge has proven to be of great help in establishing a University Town. We have successfully combined the two campuses: the Taipei Campus and the San Shia Campus, and so embrace extremely good geographical advantages, humane features and limitless visions. We have made our beautiful campus democratic, systematic, informational and humane. We are working hard to make our dual-nucleus university free, innovative and excellent, and become one of the top universities of the world. *Colleges & Institutes College of Law College of Business College of Public Affairs College of Social Sciences College of Humanities College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts 國立台灣戲曲專科學校 Taipei City 台北市 Nei Hu District Details
Photo *On July 1st,1999, the National Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy combined with the National Kuo Kuang Academy of Arts to establish the National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts(NTJCPA). It is the first vocational school of its kind in Taiwan to offer ten years of continual education in the performing arts. As NTJCPA was formed from two preexisting schools, it is now separated into two campuses: the Mucha Campus, and the Neihu Campus. NTJCPA is engaging in whole person arts education, and cultivating accomplishments in the humanities, with an equal emphasis on both professional skills and academic theory. Furthermore, the school mission is to develop creative talent, with the hope that students can bear the burden of passing down cultural heritage to the next generation, and fostering the tradition of Chinese performing arts. Currently, NTJCPA facilities include a Chinese Opera Cultural Relic Exhibition Hall, three performance theatres, and two experimental theatres. The school ha also published a series of books about the performing arts profession, and produced a multi-media presentation that introduces plays and cultural relics. Every year, the school Chinese Opera Troupe and Chinese Acrobatics Troupe put on a combined total of more than 600 performances, both in Taiwan and around the world. *College Division (two years): College Division now includes the Department of Chinese Opera, Department of Acrobatics and Dance, Department of Traditional Music, Department of Taiwanese Opera, and the Department of Theater Arts (The Department of Hakka Opera will be established in the 2007 semester). Admissions now open to high school graduates as well as applicants of similar educational level. Applicants will be admitted after passing an entrance exam and interview. *High School Division: High School Division now only has the Department of Theater Arts. Admissions now open to junior high graduates as well as applicants of similar educational level. Applicants must be under the age of 22 and will be admitted after passing an entrance exam and interview. *Junior High Division: Junior High Division now only has the Department of Hakka Opera. Admissions now open to primary school graduates as well as applicants of similar education level (Admissions will be closed to the public in the year 2004 and will only be available to students of Primary Division). Applicants must be under the age of 14 and possess performing abilities or showed potential in music, dance and theater. *Primary Division: Applicants must complete grade four, be under the age of 12, and possess performing abilities or showed potential in music, dance and theater. *Deadlines: Application deadline is in May and the entrance exam is in July. *Transfers: Transfer students will be admitted based on openings in each department and if necessary pass an entrance exam. *Academics --Chines Opera --Taiwanese Opera --Hakka Opera --Traditional Music --Acrobatics and Dance --Theater Arts --General Studies
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taiwan Normal University 國立台灣師範大學 Taipei City 台北市 Da-an District 大安區 Details
Photo *Calendar of Events ‧Brochure announced:2007.1 ‧Application period:Fall term:Deadline: 2007.3.30 (GITI:Deadline:2007.3.12) Spring term:Deadline: 2007.11.8 ‧Admission test date:As announced by the departments/institutes in this Brochure. ‧Announcement of Admission Results:Fall term‧2007.5.22 Spring term‧2007.12.20 The information is obtainable at website: *Semester of Admission FALL term: The 1st semester of school year 96 (2007. Sep.) SPRING term: The 2nd semester of school year 96 (2008. Feb.) *Terms of Study Bachelor program: 3-4 years Master program: 1-4 years Ph.D. program: 2-7 years *Application 1. Time period: FALL term:Deadline: 2007.3.30(GITI:Deadline:2007.3 .12) SPRING term:Deadline: 2007.11.8 *Programs Open to International Students College of Education College of Liberal Arts College of Science College of Applied Arts College of Music College of Technology College of Sports and Recreation *Scholarship to International Students The Regulations of National Taiwan Normal University Scholarship to International Students (NTNUSIS) is based on the ForeignStudents Scholarship Guidelines of the Ministry of Education (MOE). NTNUSIS aims to promote NTNU to be internationalized and reward the outstanding international students in NTNU. The total amounts of the scholarship to each international student is NTD10, 000 per month. The number of awarded students is decided by the following formula: The number of award students = MOE /per person NTD10, 000 X12months The scholarship period: The scholarship is open for application twice a year. The student can be granted the scholarship for half a year, the period will be from January to June and from July to December. When the student drops out /graduates from NTNU, the scholarship will end and the next applicant in order will take the vacancy. The application period: The qualified international student should hand-in the application to his/her department within the first two weeks of the semester. The application package should contain the application form, transcripts of last semester and a certificate that states the scholarship student does not receive any other in-school scholarship.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taiwan Ocean University 國立臺灣海洋大學 Keelung City 基隆市 Zhongzheng District 中正區 Details
Photo  Welcome to apply to study in NTOU. The deadline to apply for admission to our school is April, 30. Applicants who want to apply TaiwanICDF Scholarship program, Taiwan Scholarship Program or DPU Scholarship program will have to notice the deadline announced by the Embassy of the Republic of China in the Republic or Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. *The deadline to apply for admission to our school is April, 30 Program Taught in English 「International Grad u ate Program in Aq u atic Sciences and Marine Reso u rce Management」is f u ll English Scholarship program which sponsored by TaiwanICDF. We are recr u iting foreign applicants for the Master of Science (M.Sc.) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in aq u ac u lt u re, fisheries, and marine reso u rce-related st u dies. Academics College of Maritime Science and Management College of Life Sciences College of Ocean Science and Resource College of Engineering College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College of Humanities and Social Sciences Base of T u ition & Miscellaneo u s Fees About$NT12,910 Scholarship Programs (1). Taiwan Scholarship a. Regulation All applications must be submitted to a designated Taiwan Overseas Mission , in the country of the applicant citizenship, before the end of March of each year. (2). TaiwanICDF Scholarship (3). Democratic Pacific Union Scholarship (4).NTOU Foreign Student Scholarship
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taiwan Uiversity 國立台灣大學 Taipei City 台北市 Da-an District 大安區 Details
Photo For International Degree Student & Non-Degree Student!!! Note: The application timeline for academic year 2008/09 is March 14, 2008. The most updated information is posted at the website of OIA, NTU (Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan Universty): http://www.oia.> International Student --> Degree Student Admission
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taiwan University of Arts 國立台灣藝術大學 New Taipei City 新北市 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Photo The university was founded on October 31 st 1955 in Ban Ciao City, Taipei County with its predecessor name “ National Arts School”. With the qualifications and sufficient academic programs and space, the College applied for rename to National Taiwan University of Arts in Ministry of Education and acquired its approval. The College was officially renamed “ National Taiwan University of Arts” on August 1 st 2001. *Application for admission must be submitted during the period of February 1 through March 30 each year *Openings The College of Fine Arts The College of Design The College of Communication Arts *Scholarships available for international students in Taiwan (1) General scholarship: The General Scholarship which is sponsored by Ministry of Education is awarded to international students. International students can apply for the General Scholarship in the beginning of every semester. (2) National Taiwan University of Arts Scholarship for international students. For related information, please refer to “National Taiwan University of Arts Guidelines for Application of International student scholarship” (3) Taiwan scholarship: All applications must be submitted to a designated Taiwan overseas mission, in the country of the applicants citizenship, before the end of March of each year. *The related expenses (1) Tuition: approximately NT$26,500 for the undergraduate program and NT$12,500 for the graduate program every semester (2) Individual instruction fee (for the departments of Music and Chinese Music): approximately NT$10,500 (3) Credit fee for the graduate program: approximately NT$1,440 each credit (4) Safety insurance: approximately NT$130 (5) Internet and computerized utilization fee: approximately NT$200
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 國立臺灣科技大學 Taipei City 台北市 Da-an District 大安區 Details
Photo *Application Deadline The application deadline for spring/fall semester is Nov. 30/May 31 in each year. For fall semester, applicants who plan to apply for NTUST scholarship should submit this form no later than March 31, which is 2 months earlier than regular admission deadline. However, each department may determine its own application deadline. In case of discrepancy, the deadline set by individual department shall prevail. Late applications after designated deadlines may be considered for next semester due to operation time restrictions. *Semester period NUTST runs 2 semesters in each academic year. Spring semester is scheduled from February to June, while fall semester is from September to January of the following year. *Program of study College of Engineering College of Electrical and Computer Engineering College of Management *Financial Aid For All-English programs, among the admitted students, the selected ones will be offered NTUST scholarship. For the first year, Master’s program students can be offered NT$10,000per month for 12 months; Ph.D. program students can be offered NT$15,000 per month for 12 months. All international students can also apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. However, those who have already received financial aid from other sources including Taiwan Scholarship are not eligible for NTUST scholarship award. *Scholarship TAIWAN Scholarship NTUST Scholarship *Tuition & Fees Undergraduate programs Tuition (NT$) About 16,900 Incidental fees (NT$) About 10,800 Total (NT$) About 27,700 Tuition per credit hour (NT$) About 1,100 *Graduate School Programs Tuition&fees (NT$) About 12,900 Tuition per semester (NT$) Master's About 9,120 Doctoral About 6,840 *Housing and Living Costs All international students have priority in applying for dormitory. The cost is around NT$7,000 per semester. Eating at university dorm cafeterias cost around NT$6,000 per month, whereas eating off-campus might exceed NT$7,000.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Tsinghua University 國立清華大學 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Hsinchu City 新竹市 Details
*Application Deadline Application Deadline: May 1 and December 1 The deadline on May 1 is for fall semester enrollment. The deadline on December 1 is for spring semester enrollment. *Program of Study College of Science College of Engineering College of Nuclear Science College of Humanities and Social Sciences College of Life Science College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College of Technology Management *Scholarships 1 . Taiwan Scholarship All applications must be submitted to a designated Taiwan overseas mission, in the country of the applicants citizenship, before the end of March of each year. For detailed information, please refer to MGT/BICER/EDUANDY001/english/T S_intro.htm?open 2. Tsing Hua International Student Scholarship at NTHU Tsing Hua International Student Scholarship (Tsing Hua ISS) is guarantee awarded to graduate students for the first year study in the National Tsing Hua University. Tsing Hua ISS will be offered to those without Taiwan Scholarship or other scholarships sponsored by any government agency. First year Ph. D students can get scholarship up to NT$20,000/per month for one year. First year students in pursuit of their master degrees can get scholarship up to NT $10,000/per month for one year. For detailed information regarding to the scholarship, please refer to /foreign/ *Fees NT$ Graduates College of Science, Engineering, Life Science, Nuclear Science, Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Tuition (Including tuition, insurance) 13,000 Housing (Including utility) 5,200 ~ 10,800 Credit fee 1,580 College of Humanities and Social Science, Technology Management Tuition (Including tuition, insurance) 12,000 Housing (Including utility) 5,200 ~ 10,800 Credit fee 1,580 *For any application inquiry, please contact:Ms. Vicki Hui-Chen Chan Email:; Fax: 886-3-5721429 Phone: 886-3-5715131 ext.35137; 886-3-5734169 (Between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Taiwan time, Monday through Friday)
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National United University國立聯合大學 Miaoli County 苗栗縣 Miaoli City Details
Photo *Due to the country's rapid development of industries, former Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Li Guo-Ding, called upon private and state-own corporations to join in the funding of a higher education institution in the Hsin-Chu and Miao-Li areas in June 1969, with the objective of developing a middle-level technical workforce. A site was chosen in the Miao-Li region, where there was a shortage of higher education institutions at the time. The Board of Directors was set up, and Mr. Jin Kai-Ying was invited to take up the position of the Chairman of the Board. To lead the development of higher education, the Institute continued to serve the public with a strong foundation in science, technology, and business administration as well as planning for future expansion. On August 1st, 2003, the Institute was official upgraded to University status. *Academics College of engineering and science College of electrical engineering and computer science College of management College of technology College of Hakka studies College of Humanities and Social Sciences *Scholarships & Assistantships The University provides scholarships and assistantships per semester for international students. The application for scholarships and assistantships is served by the Extracurricular Section on the first floor of the Administration Building. If you want to apply for scholarships or assistantships, please complete the application form and submit it to the Extracurricular Section. For more information, please contact the officials of the section directly. *Airport Pick-up & Accommodation The airport pick-up service is provided upon request for free. Students who request this service must fill out the Airport Pick-up Service Form. The completed form must reach our office at least 3 days prior to arrival. Once the pick-up appointment has been arranged, we will send you a confirmation e-mail.
Northern Taiwan 北台灣 National Yang-Ming University 國立陽明大學 Taipei City 台北市 Beitou District 北投區 Details
Photo Found in 1974, National Yang Ming University, formerly known as National Yang Ming College of Medicine, has been adhering to the school motto of “benevolent mind and art, putting knowledge into practice” while training excellent humane doctors to provide service by solving medical problems in remote and rural areas. Located on the hillside of Qilian, northwest of the Taipei Basin, we enjoy a beautiful landscape with plenty of plants and trees; this results in a tranquil environment and peaceful atmosphere. When the night falls, we can see the lights in Taipei clearly from here. In addition, we can also see into the sky and search the stars for the Milky Way, as if we were in a paradise. *Application deadline: March 31,2009 *Degree Offered To Foreign Students ●Faculty of Medicine -Bachelor ●Inst. of Traditional Medicine -Master ●Inst. of Health and Welfare policy -Master, Ph.D ●Inst. of Biomedical Informatics -Ph.D ●Inst. of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine -Master ●Inst. of Physiology -Master, Ph.D ●International Health Program(Inst. of Public Health) -Master, Ph.D ●Dept. of Dentistry -Bachelor, Master ●Inst. of Oral Biology -Master, Ph.D ●Inst. of Microbiology and Immunology -Ph.D *Tuition and Other Fees: The tuition fees are subjected to adjustment annually. Here we provide the tuition fees for Academic Year 2005. There are two semesters in each academic year. New tuition rates applying to the first semester of Academic Year 2006 will be posted on the web page of the Registration Office. Institutes Tuition fees Credit fee All institutes NT$ 30,100 NT$ 1,560 ※Tuition fees per each semester = NT$ 30,100 +1,560× N (credit numbers for each semester) *Scholarship 1.ICDF Scholarship 2.Taiwan Scholarship 3.Students without any scholarship

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